Bread Baking Babes







August:  Sweet Portuguese Bread

July:  Yeasted Sprouted Wheat Berry Bread

June:  Korni Bread

May:  Tunisian Spicy Breads

April: Potato Bread with Chives

March:  Gluten Free No Knead Hearty Seeded Sandwich Bread

February:   Ensaimadas

January:  Naan


December:   Viennese Striesel

November:   Brioche Mousseline

October:   Tanta Wawa

September:  Chinese Flower Steam Buns

August:  Black Russian Rye

July:  Beirut Tahini Swirls

June: Asparagus Bread

May:  Italian Knot Bread

April:  Ethiopian Injera

March:  Pane Francese

February:  5-Grain Walnut Bread

January:  Croissants


December:  Yule Wreath


October: Challah

September:  Sûkerbôlle

August:  Country-Style Whole-Wheat Pita

JUly:  Tribute to Sher with

Life, Bread and Meatballs

June: Mary’s Dark Onion Rye

May: SourDough Poilane-Miche

April: Sullivan Street Potato Pizza

March:  Croccodrillo

February:  Royal Crown Tortano

We are a happy little group with a passion for bread baking. What we share is a love for fun, baking bread and doing so together. Across country, across boundaries, across the internet. We are about the new coffee klatch in our virtual kitchens, the new over the fence talk taking place on the Internet, sharing knowledge, helping each other out.

The modern kitchen table may look just like grandma’s except for that laptop sitting next to the coffee cup. Through the magic of Instant Messaging all of us are chatting over coffee at the kitchen table, baking bread. All our different houses, all our different kitchen tables, same group. You know; a bit like these communities in Eastern Europe where all the women of the village bake their bread on one day, share the communal oven, meet at the hearth, gossip and teach each other, sharing their knowledge. Some of us have known each other for different times; some of us have even met in person. Our experience with bread baking may vary but we all share a great passion and fascination for bread at the moment. And so once a month you can find us together in one of our kitchens: yakking, baking and laughing ... and with some bitching.

Same recipe, different kitchens, using local flour and sharing what we found. You can read all about our monthly recipe at the Kitchen of the Month, our individual posts to be found at our respective personal blogs.

At the beginning of this, we wanted to just be a small group.  We love our Buddies and learn from them always.  We do not aim to be exclusive or keep anybody out.  We keep our group small so that we can maintain something I can only think about as a small town something; I don’t mean that in a mean way.  I love New York and Paris and I would never want to be without them.  It’s just that there is something in the small town or at a small kitchen table that can’t happen in the big city.  I hope you will understand that.

If you would like to join us being a Bread Baking Buddy  we would be so delighted.  Here’s how:

  1. * You have until the 29th to bake the bread and post about it on your blog with a link to the Kitchen of the Month’s post about the bread.

  2. *E-mail the Kitchen of the Month with your name and a link to your post  OR leave a comment on the Kitchen of the Month’s blog that you have baked the bread and a link back to your post.

  3. *Kitchen of the Month will do a round-up of our Bread Baking Buddies at the end of the week and send you a BBB badge for that month’s bread.

  4. *No blog, No problem - just e-mail the Kitchen of the Month with a photo of the bread you baked and you’ll be included in the round-up.

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